Eagle River Boat Storage Terms & Conditions


    1. Eagle River Boat Storage agrees to accept the Boat/Camper/Stored Item listed on this form for storage in an indoor or outdoor storage space upon advanced payment by the owner of applicable storage fees plus sales tax. Any additional services provided by the company shall be paid by the Owner prior to the Boat/Camper/Stored Item being returned in the spring.
    1. The Boat/Camper/Stored Item may be kept outside uncovered for short periods of time for staging in preparation for storage or spring preparation work.
    1. Owner shall carry insurance against loss by fire, theft, windstorm, and other damage or loss which may occur while the Boat/Camper/Stored Item is in storage or as a result of the Owner’s failure to carry out Owner’s obligations under this agreement. The owner acknowledges that Eagle River Boat Storage does not carry insurance on the Boat/Camper/Stored Item during transportation or storage.
    1. Eagle River Boat Storage provided by this agreement shall be solely at Owner’s risk and Owner hereby release Eagle River Boat Storage of all liability for any loss or damage to the Boat/Camper/Stored Item and any other property of Owner’s whatsoever, whether or not such loss or damage shall have been caused by the fault or negligence of Eagle River Boat Storage, agents, licensees or invitees.
    1. Owner shall hold harmless Eagle River Boat Storage, its agents, and employees from and against any expense (including but not limited to legal and collection fees) loss or liability suffered or incurred by Eagle River Boat Storage or any third party as a result of or in connection with any breach of Owner of Owner’s obligations as set forth herein.
    1. Owner’s Boat/Camper/Stored Item will be subject to a claim of a lien in favor of Eagle River Boat Storage if rent or other charges due are delinquent 14 days after the due date. The owner expressly agrees to Eagle River Boat Storage taking full control of the Boat/Camper/Stored Item stored on the premises if the Owner defaults in any way under this agreement.
    1. Eagle River Boat Storage will not deliver or allow a Boat/Camper/Stored Item to be picked up until all rental and additional charges are paid in full without exception. All invoices not paid prior to December 1 will incur a $25 collection fee.
  1. This agreement remains in effect from the date Eagle River Boat Storage receives the Boat/Camper/Stored Item until the date the Boat/Camper/Stored item is returned to the owner.